Monday, October 19, 2009

A little peek

So I've been sort of delinquent about posting things to the blog here, so I thought I'd start by posting a little peek at an in-progress page. You can see all the little lines I drew with my Ames guide for the lettering, and you can also see where I used correction fluid (NOT white out!) to fix some mistakes... if you look closely. And you can see all the random lettering I did on the side of the page.

Hi, blog. I'm Peter Quach. Hope we'll be seeing more of each other soon.

Side Note - Tapir

Okay, not a comic - BUT IT'S A TAPIR!

My brother got married last week, and that's my sister-in-law on the honeymoon, feeding that little guy.
Maybe she'll bring him/her home?

We should never forget the power of things that are incredibly goofy/funny/cute/ridiculous - how many things produce such a feeling of complete, all-absorbing joy?

Joy! Tapir! Comics!