Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bear & Witch!

I've been taking Tom Motley's inking class at SVA - it's really helped me tackle a whole bunch of projects. This one, in particular, I've been aching to do, but wanted to know more about inking before finishing it.

Here it is - click on it to see it in a new window at full size.

- Andrea

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Google Doppelgangers

So I think the genesis of this story is that one day I mentioned to my friends (my fellow Tapir Tooth people) that I found a bunch of really crazy and hilarious Peter Quaches while googling myself. And then I think someone else decided that a story about your Google Doppelgangers would make a great comic... and somehow one day I found myself with another comic to draw! Haha.

So here we are. These are the first two pages of my story, and two more are in the pipeline. For extra fun, compare the first page here with the in-progress Page 1 I posted a few weeks back...

What do you think?