Thursday, June 4, 2009

MOCCA Festival 2009

The Comics Queens are exhibiting at the Museum of Cartoon and Comic Art's Festival this Saturday and Sunday.
Here are some of the wonderful things the group is bringing.

Peter Quach

Transit #1
A city in motion. Follow Dan as he navigates his life New York.

You may think you know enough about our Lord and Savior, but Peter is here to tell you otherwise with You Don't Know Much About Jesus. Get an education!

Andrea Tsurumi

A night in a bar populated with monsters and one human ends up like a night at any bar, with drinking stories and fisticuffs. Whose story tops them all? Find out or get the stuffing beat out of you, Terka in Drinking stories.

Let the earth's mightiest guard your precious remains of the economy with Andrea's handy comic book wallet! Enjoy these colorful, playful (and highly durable) wallets featuring panels from many different comic books. 4”x3” when folded, they fit nicely into any pocket.
Available at the MOCCA Festival and Andrea's Etsy shop.

Miriam Gibson

Get your hands on Gibsonium and be privy to comics the likes of which you will thoroughly enjoy!

Included are luscious color prints of Sailor Moon characters aged beyond belief ! Time stops for no man or pretty soldier of justice. See what the years have in store for the ladies of this animated classic.

Also included in Gibsonium is Time Travel. Throw Einstein to the winds! The ability to bend space can be yours*. Childhood hopes are smashed in this telling of dreams and acknowledgment of reality.

What happens when you combine ordinary birds with parts unknown? Hornithology: A Compendium of Dirty Birds and Foul Fowl! Captioned by AJ Morales.

What festival would be complete without a screen printed shirt of fine design? No festival at all. Wear this Jay Bird proudly, it says "hey, I'm a shirt, my owner's good taste makes us all look our best." Wonderful.

There is much more! Please stop my the Comics Queens table this weekend.

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