Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Time Travel (Miriam)

A few months ago I drew a comic called Time Travel for the MOCCA Festival. Though I'd post some of the process below.

Here are some character sketches to flesh out the look of the comic and the main character.

From there I laid out the pages on 17"x14" sheets of newsprint using a my favorite drawing material, a ball point ben (probably a Bic). Here are a few scans of the news print, my scanner is A4 size so I had to scan in the image a couple of times per page then piece the page back together on photoshop.

After that it was color and typeset in photoshop. The color is a normal brush set to different opacities.

Who would believe the entire thing took me a week?

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  1. you could get sucked into a time portal ANY DAY now. lovely!