Thursday, August 20, 2009


Everyone has one.

Tapir Tooth's new collective project is all about GOOGLE DOPPELGANGERS!
To clarify, a google doppelganger is when a person googles his or her name and finds several other individuals with the same name. Another Joe Smith, out there, somewhere....

So we posed the question to ourselves (Miriam, Peter, AJ, Andrea, and Alexander, all of whom are doing this):

1. Google your names to find your google doppelgangers.
2. Make a comic about them.

We're currently working on this through the end of summer and the beginning of fall and hope to have it ready to show you soon. In the meantime, we'll be posting updates on the blog.

The others have some real whammies for doppelgangers - trust me, pretty original stuff.

My problem: I don't have a doppelganger. 
For some reason, no one else has my name. So what do I do?

I call upon the POWERS OF THE FUTURE (which will be clearer la

In the meantime, things are chugging along. Here's my process so far:

  Make really messily written out scripts. Run ideas by group members.

Right after finishing this, a HUGE thunderstorm swept through our block and knocked over the big tree in front of our apartment, taking our wires with it. Dramatic!

Then make some gesture/character sketches with distinctive haircuts.
And finally make thumbnails.

More to follow, soon!   -- Andrea

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