Tuesday, May 24, 2011



Today, a bunch of comics-minded folks met at the Astoria Beer Garden to drink, hang out, and futz around with comics. Meredith Leich, Liana Finck, Ami Bogin, Dan Strauss, Peter Quach, Alexander Rothman, and two of Ami’s awesome friends (I am horrible with names – Ami, could you supply?).

One of the things we talked about was the idea of never trash talking your work. Be honest, be self-aware, but it’s so easy in the small window of time between handing someone your work and them commenting to rush out with “it’s just …. it’s nothing … it’s crap … I have a long way to go…” etc. Screw that. Phil McAndrew’s blog post about not denigrating yourself goes over this really well : http://philintheblanks.com/blog/?p=546. Never apologize, never explain.

Jam comics!

As you can see, none of us have been raptured. While I think the 5/21/11 was ridiculous (if you had a week to live, wouldn’t you spend it … living? or doing some good for others instead of walking around with signs?), it was interesting to ask people what they’d be doing on Saturday, the supposed Day. “Photographing.” “Helping my parents pack up my grandma’s house.” “Drawing.” It kind of makes me smile to think about all of us going out like that — living as we already do.

Anyway, more fun jam comics!

There was a game of card-drawing — one person writes a phrase, the next person draws what that looks like, then the next person (going only off of the 1st drawing), writes another phrase describing the idea, and so on. Like Telephone for images. Which is how you go from “BRINGING SEXY BACK” to “SUPERMAN HOLDING DEAD LOIS LIKE THE PIETA” Thanks to Peter for slipping in the “women in refrigerators” reference!

Play us off, Dan Strauss!

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