Friday, February 17, 2012

“My Last Attempt” SVA Show

“My Last Attempt” SVA Show:

Our show opened on Friday and will run ’til March 3rd (at SVA’s gallery at 209 east 23rd street). Last night was the opening reception:

Hyunyoung Kim

Hye Jin Chung

Boyeon Choi

Keren Katz, Dave Casey & Sarah Klinger

Dave Dennis looking at Zoötrope

Alexander, Drew, Me and Peter Quach looking at Natalya Balnova’s prints

Photos courtesy of Boyeon Choi

Yue Wang’s children’s book Ava & Me

Jonathan Burkhardt, me & Boyeon Choi

Maëlle Doliveux & her prints

Keren Katz & Federico Infante

Yue Wang, me & Alexander (These photos courtesy of Che Min Hsiao)

Thank you for coming out, guys! You made it a very special night.

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