Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Freedman Page 21

Freedman Page 21:


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So this weekend I’ll be exhibiting at SPX 2011 in Bethesda, MD. I’ll be at the Tapir Tooth table (E6) if you’re attending. Stop by and I’ll sign some comics for you. I’ll be especially nice if you bring donuts or other food stuffs. I’ll have a black and white ash-can preview of Freedman in its entirety (23 pages) on sale, as well, so if you’re at the convention you can read the ending before anyone else!

Speaking of, there are only two more pages after this left. So two more weeks of comics, and then this site will go into hibernation mode for a while as I figure out what my next step will be.

Also, Freedman began syndication on Komplicated.com last week. One page a week will be posted every Friday there, starting from the beginning. So welcome to anyone who’s been sent this way via Komplicated. Make yourself at home.

Thanks for reading, everyone.


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