Wednesday, October 5, 2011



Last night, Keahilani, Dan Strauss, Marvin Nardo, Ruth Ong, Anna Kim, Adam Tyrell all came to do comics jams in the west village. After some confusion (Lederhosen was packed – I am a lame bar-picker, or a lame which night to decide to show up with a large group picker) we ended up at Caliente Cab. Thank you everyone for coming! And thank you for not telling the wait staff that it was my birthday (it was not – but Caliente Cab has a loud ritual involving a sombrero – and there were threats).

And we comics jammed! Let’s do it again soon – and we missed Bree , Ray and Peter . Next time! Next time on a different night and at a place that’s not Caliente Cab!

Instead of getting a drink, Marvin wisely invested in dessert.

You might notice around a certain point in the jam comics that things get a little crazier. I blame these:

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