Friday, March 23, 2012

Barcelona Sketchbook

Barcelona Sketchbook:

Last week, Alexander and I visited with friends in Barcelona. Oh that city with its sassy statues!

The page on the left is from a ridiculous visit to Museo del Mamut (Museum of the Mammoth). There was a recorded animal growl soundtrack! And a rhino skull with its jaw falling back into a really ecstatic smile. And mannequins in fur clothing! This probably isn’t representative since we also went to lots of fantastic museums, but I didn’t sketch them.

Currun and Rowan’s apartment. Heater set up across the kitchen door to keep the puppy out.

Breakfast, Melissa’s take on the giant Columbus statue, and lunch at a cafe.

Inside the Palau de la Musica Catalana, which is decorated like crazy inside. There’s also these busts of music giants facing each other across the proscenium (which we took to imply a long-standing gaze of longing).

Left: concertgoers in their seats. Right: Melissa.

We found a new nickname for Alexander.

Lots of people with colds. Breakfast at Cafe Sabor. Right: Mercat Boqueria had Barcelona lollipops.

Faces at Las Ramblas (long stretch of kiosks and shops). Right: an old woman collapsed in the street and people ran over to help.

Right: food from La Boqueria at Parc Guell with Casey, Xinwei, and Alexander.

Back home in NY, Union Square. Incredibly sunny. Kid with fantastic red hair on the bottom left.

Lunch hour at Union Square.

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